Free PUBG/Twitch/Discord Bot

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What is ChickenDinnerWinner?

ChickenDinnerWinner is a PUBG/Twitch/Discord bot.

The ChickenDinnerWinner bot does several things:

  • The Bot will post recent match details to your Twitch channel after a win.
  • The Bot generates daily leaderboard stats that are posted to Discord.
  • The Bot will post to Discord when you get a chicken dinner.
  • The Bot will post your lifetime PUBG stats to Discord when you ask for them.
  • Stream Replay The Bot will go through your matches and see who you killed. It then finds their streams and provides a link so you can see a replay of their stream when you kill them. The link is posted in Discord.
  • More to come... Demo

ChickenDinnerWinner in Twitch.TV Chat

How it works

  1. Click the link above to Join the discord.
  2. Once you've joined our server, you can read updates in various #Channels.
  3. If you're a new user then message @@LorenTheAdult in the Discord channel to get setup.
  4. You can message the bot and get details. Start by typing "@@ChickenDinnerWinnerBot help". You'll be provided with a list of available commands.
  5. Premium users also have the ability to setup the Bot in their own Discord channels. This is a great way to show off to your stream's fans.