Thumbless GaGa

Found 90 matches.

Average Place - 33.9
Average Kills - 7.96

A breakdown of how what place you finish your matches.

  • Total Matches On Record: 90
  • Total Kills: 716
  • Longest Kill: 406 m Link
  • Game With Most Kills: 26 Link
  • Game Most With Squad Kills: 38 Link
  • Total Headshot Kills: 234
  • Total Damage Dealt: 69862.08
  • Total Team Kills: 5
  • Total Revives: 8
  • Total Assists: 28
  • Total Boosts: 205
  • Total Heals: 161
  • Total Ride Distance: 99447.85 m
  • Average Time Survived: 14.58 m
  • Total Vehicles Destroyed: 10
  • Total Walk Distance: 195220.44 m
  • Total Time Survived: 81359 m


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