Clutch Gamers Solo Tourny 1

Status: Active
Clutch Gamers

Clutch Champions Rules

Each round of the tournament lasts 3 days. During that time, your team must play 3 consecutive rounds after clicking the "Play Now" button below.

Failure to play your matches will result of a forfeit.

Any attempt to work around the rules, gain an unfair advantage, or mislead the admins will result in a forfeiture.

A player can only be rostered one team in a tournament.

You can play FPP or TPP, your choice.

You must play your matches on the live server and not the test server.

Each player must take a photo or screenshot of the results of their matches as backup in case the PUBG API goes down.

If you need help registering, check out the how to page.

Notes for this Tourny

  • This tournament is a final test for the new tourny tool.
  • There will be a qualifier round in this tournament to determine seeding in the bracket. This round will be the same length as others.
  • Check out the Discord channel for up to date details: Clutch Discord Channel

Clutch Champions Scoring

  • 1st Place - 40 points
  • 2nd Place - 25 points
  • 3rd Place - 10 points
  • 4th-10th Place - 5 points
  • 10th and below - .5 negative points per place. E.g., 30th place is -15 points
5 points per kill.

Bracket (Times in EST)

Registered Teams (39)


Prelim Seed: 1
Prelim Score: 48

The Scottish

Prelim Seed: 2
Prelim Score: 37

The Moistiest

Prelim Seed: 3
Prelim Score: 10


Prelim Seed: 4
Prelim Score: 6

Death Star

Prelim Seed: 5
Prelim Score: 5


Prelim Seed: 6
Prelim Score: -2

Dropping Loads

Prelim Seed: 7
Prelim Score: -10

team biggdaddy

Prelim Seed: 8
Prelim Score: -11


Prelim Seed: 9
Prelim Score: -12


Prelim Seed: 10
Prelim Score: -12

NC’s Finest

Prelim Seed: 11
Prelim Score: -13

The unfuckables

Prelim Seed: 12
Prelim Score: -24


Prelim Seed: 13
Prelim Score: -25

Bacon & Eggs

Prelim Seed: 14
Prelim Score: -28


Prelim Seed: 15
Prelim Score: -35


Prelim Seed: 16
Prelim Score: -36


Prelim Seed: 17
Prelim Score: -41

Boxing Otters

Prelim Seed: 18
Prelim Score: -46

Hurt Locker

Prelim Seed: 19
Prelim Score: -47


Prelim Seed: 20
Prelim Score: -48

MoB Cali Prim3

Prelim Seed: 21
Prelim Score: -51

Team Name

Prelim Seed: 22
Prelim Score: -54

Sabotage Gaming

Prelim Seed: 23
Prelim Score: -63


Prelim Seed: 24
Prelim Score: -66

Solo Dolo

Prelim Seed: 25
Prelim Score: -66


Prelim Seed: 26
Prelim Score: -78


Prelim Seed: 27
Prelim Score: -79

Mr. Solo

Prelim Seed: 28
Prelim Score: -97

Dragon Platoon

Prelim Seed: 29
Prelim Score: -104

Howard the ducks

Prelim Seed: 30
Prelim Score: -105

The Adults

Prelim Seed: 31
Prelim Score: -128


Prelim Seed: 32
Prelim Score: -141

Smokin NC’s

Prelim Seed: 33
Prelim Score: -156

Stoned Wizards

Prelim Seed: 34
Prelim Score: -166


Prelim Seed: 35

Nine Inch Needles

Prelim Seed: 36


Prelim Seed: 37

Mr Steal yo Groza

Prelim Seed: 38

Suicide squad

Prelim Seed: 39