How Do PUBG Tournaments Work on X-Box?

There are many ways that a tournament can be hosted. One of the primary formats is a knockout tournament. Each team is paired against another team. You are given a period of time (usually about 3 days) to play 3 matches with your team. At the end of the period (aka a "Round"), the team with the best performance moves onward in the tournament.

Performance is calculated by looking at Kills and Final Placement over the course of your 3 matches.

For more specific details on a tournament, view that tournament's page.

How To Register and Sign Up For a Tournament

Registering and signing up for a tournament can be done in a few quick steps. Once you are registered then you can use to sign up and compete in tournaments.

The team captain must register on our site to enroll in a tournament. Other players on the team do not. On the top-right of the website, click "Register".

Once you register your account, you will want to claim your Xbox Gamertag. Type in your Gamertag exactly.

If you are the captain of your team, you will want to register that team name. Only one user can be the captain of a team at a time.

Once you have a team, it is time to visit the Tournament page. Here you can view tournaments that are upcoming, ongoing, and completed. Select specific tournaments to get more specifics. And click "Register" if you'd like to register your team and roster.

On the tournament registration page, select the appropriate team. If the tourament is Duos or Squads, you will need to enter the names of your teammates. Your teammates don't need to register on but they must be valid Xbox Gamertags and have a recent history playing Pubg.

When your team is successfully rostered for a tournament, you will be redirected to the dedicated page for that tournament. That is where you can view further details about start time, other teams, rules, etc.
Important In many tournaments, your team will need to play several consecutive matches. Your captain needs to go to the tournament page and click the "Start Now" button. This is how our bot will know which matches count toward your score.

Our bot will automatically find and update your scores and put them onto the tournament bracket.